Our Story

Established in 2005 as a co-operative radio taxi company, to offer a better level of service to the people of Volos, our members know that our customers are the first consideration in everything we do.


That aim remains the same. Our entire taxi fleet and center are equipped with state-of-the-art radio, GPS communication technology and satellite navigation systems , all our drivers are trained and certified to the highest standards, and as a company we go out of our way to provide the services and quality which will ensure our clients being safe, sure, and satisfied.


Experience 100%
Consistent 100%
Safe 100%
Courteous 100%
Affordable 100%

Why us?

Volos Taxi is owned and operated by experienced and consistent professional drivers; our major priority is to provide the best taxi service.

All our vehicles follow safety rules by law and taxi maintenance is rigorously checked on time.

Volos Taxi deals with every conceivable situation and treats all passengers in an appropriate, respectful and sensitive manner.

Our professional drivers are experienced and also trained and qualified to stringent standards.

Out of respect to our clients, Volos taxi services are liable and polite to all passengers and our community.